Hello. Yeah, hello! 😀

It’s nice to start writing again on this “so long abandoned and now yet under construction and being resurrected from dead blog.” Well, I’ve been blogging since August, 2006 using Blogger platform then moved into self-hosted WordPress blog on this domain. If you asked me, why do I start writing/blogging again? Because I think it’s such a relief for me to kill the boredom because of the static life routines. Besides, I have to keep my mind shaped and stay updated on new things and stuffs.

What about the social media like Facebook or the famous micro-blogging platform, Twitter? They offered the same functionality for us to write and share everything wonderful, right?

Yes. It’s right. But, in my very humble opinion, writing or sharing on those platform can’t fill my thirst. Besides, it’s kinda hard to track our previous posts, name it the years ago posts. That’s why I choose to start blogging again. More convenient and comfortable, eh? 🙂

Now, by the name of the Merciful Allah SWT, I’ll start writing again.