Pre-note: This post contain links that I refer. Some might suspect it as spam and treat it negatively. But, trust me, as I already registered there, I might say that the links are safe.
Hell yeah, the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology really drives people crazy. How come Bitcoin’s value aggressively increase from zero to thousands of dollars each! Yeah, I’m personally invested some of my free fiat money into this digital money while still pursuing airdrops from the newly developed coins/tokens/platforms. Below are some of the latest airdrops that I followed and still active while I posted this post. Let’s join the march!
Note: Before joining any of them, I suggest you to read and learn the white paper, first. And, a short wise wisdom from the great man, “Never set your expectations really up high the sky that you can’t barely hold the pain while falling back into the ground.”

  1. Sphere
  2. SharesChain
  3. CryptoKAMI
  4. Rutheneum
  5. savedroid
  6. POWtoken
  7. DOCK
  8. Alhpa Token
  9. ZATGO
  11. CNN Token
  12. ORU Marketplace
  13. CCRB
  14. Satoshi.GAME
  15. My Candy Bag
  16. Ethearnal
  17. StrikeCoin
  18. ClickGem
  19. Jus Naturale
  20. House Panda
  21. WCX Exchange
  22. Refereum
  23. AElf

Bravo! Join and forget. Because HODL is the hardest part in cryptocurrency world.

Footnote: It is highly recommended that you prepare your account on various social media platform, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Github, ERC20/Ethereum based wallet address (example:, etc to ease yourself through the registration/validation/verification/bounty hunting step.