About the Author

By visiting this page, it throws me a question for you, “Are you serious to know who I am?” 😛

Well, let me introduce myself. You may call me Idrus or Fhadli because that’s my name. I’m just an ordinary married man who always try to explore and do many extraordinary things. I’m twenty something years old.

What do I do for a living? I am a retired banker. Currently works for government.

“Tell me your hobby! And your interest!”

Okay, okay, stay cool and calm. I love reading and writing as my hobby, also I have a wide range interests, from computer, internet, gadget, social media, music, photography, to food cooking, etc.

Professionally, I have a set of skills that can help me accomplish the tasks given. I hold a bachelor degree in Communication Studies, and a master degree in Marketing Management.

Complex data analysis, report writing, office administration, planning and budgeting, computer troubleshooting, social media marketing, interpersonal communication and relationship building are my specialties because I love to work both with human and machine. And I do pay attention to detail.

You can reach me on my Facebook and Twitter, both account are displayed on this blog footer.

“Hey, what’s this blog mainly talk about?”

Hmm… this blog title is “Just a place for my scattered pieces of thought” will mainly talk and discuss about whatever hot issues that come visiting my mind, e.g: technology, internet, Android, software development, self talks, poems and those kind of word arts, politic, Islam, social media, community, office works, etc.

Hope you enjoy your day.